What We Love This Week, Volume IX

Published June 20, 2014
Updated September 18, 2014

Artist Makes Amazing Portraits Of FIFA Stars With Soccer Ball And Paint

If you’re like, we don’t know, every other person on the planet with access to cable, you’re obsessed with the dramatics of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Or, at the very least, you’ve heard of it. But while most of us are content to manifest that in drunken hoots and hollers at a large TV screen, Chinese artist “Red” Hong Yi prefers paint, canvas and a soccer ball. Creating portraits of Ronaldo and Messi–and ones that could easily be found in an art museum–Yi confines her own artistic method to the rules governing her subjects: she forbids herself from using her hands while painting, and instead uses a ball as a brush and her feet as her hands. Soccer players are artists in their own right; Yi pays tribute to that technique, skill and beauty in a way that art and sports fans can enjoy.

Be sure to visit My Modern Met to read more about her process.

Satellite Photos That Will Change The Way You See The Planet

Satellite Photos Central Park

Source: Demilked

As Carl Sagan notes in “Pale Blue Dot”, if aliens were ever to visit planet Earth, one of the first things of which they would take note is how seriously we take geometry and symmetry. Certainly, our minds boggle at the intricacy of the common honeycomb, but the truth is that we aren’t that far removed from our winged neighbors. As these Demilked photos suggest, humans have given order to the chaos that is nature by employing the same lines and precision that, well, bugs do. And that similarity is humbling. Daily Overview provides satellite footage of places around the world impacted by human activity. What a curious life form we are.

Satellite Photos Barcelona

Source: Demilked

Satellite Photos Spain

Source: Demilked

Pools So Amazing They’ll Leave You Wondering Where You Erred In Life

Polar Vortex: gone. Thought you were out of natural phenomenon about which to complain and inevitably from which to make friends? You’re in luck! It’s June, which means sweat is likely pooling around your neck as you read this and you’re about as pleasant as Dick Cheney at a press conference. Cool off with our ravishing collection of the world’s most amazing pools.