What We Love This Week, Volume LX

Published April 11, 2014
Updated July 20, 2015

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Different Nationalities Giving You The Finger

Middle Finger Peru

Source: Design Taxi

All too often when we travel, we treat locals as exotic objects, essentially stripping them of their intricacies in the name of capturing the quintessential travel photo. Keeping this in mind, French photographer Jolipunk began his series, “Fucking Tourist”, which sheds humorous light on the humanity of “exotic locals”. Design Taxi has a great spread of Jolipunk’s travels.

Middle Finger Bali

Source: Design Taxi

Middle Finger Turkey

Source: Design Taxi

When Giraffes Enter The Paris Metro

Paris Giraffe

Source: Neatorama

Anyone who has lived in or traveled to a large city knows that public transportation is already something of a circus. In light of that, what difference would it make if giraffes, zebras and other circus animals were added into the chaotic mix? Photographers Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil have done just that, and we have to say we’ll take squawking ostriches to drunken teenagers any day. See more photos at Neatorama.

Paris Entering Train

Source: Neatorama

Paris Zebra Giraffe

Source: Neatorama