What We Love This Week, Volume LX

Published April 11, 2014
Updated July 20, 2015

The World’s Most Visually Stunning Homes

Home is where the heart is. Perhaps for this reason, many people have sought to create the most beautiful, luxurious and visually stunning homes in the world. From vast mansions to simple, reflective abodes, we count down the most beautiful, aesthetically appealing homes from all over the world. From the Hearst mansion to the Shell House, we’ve got your architectural fix at All That Is Interesting.

26 Outrageous Facts About Children’s TV

The Powerpuff Girls were originally known as “the Whoopass Girls”. When Rugrats ended, Tommy should have been a pimply 13 year old. Bill Nye’s “Science Guy” sobriquet is the result of an on-air spat. And you thought children’s TV was dull. Mental Floss has over 20 more mind-blowing facts about some of your favorite childhood TV shows and we highly recommend that you check the video out.