What We Love This Week, Volume XLIII

Published December 13, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

NASA Documents Climate Change In New App

Nasa Climate Change GIFs Alaska

Source: Design Taxi

If news stories of extreme storms, droughts and natural disasters don’t seem to have an effect on spreading awareness and concern about climate change, perhaps it’s time to consider a different medium. NASA has done just that, with its Images of Change app. No, it’s not Candy Crush or yet another way you can broadcast yourself to the virtual world; it’s a wake up call. You can see more extracted GIFs at Design Taxi.

Nasa Climate Change GIFs Muir

Source: Design Taxi

Nasa Climate Change GIFs McCarty

Source: Design Taxi

Charity Provides Cancer Patients With A Few Fun, Worry-Free Moments With Wacky Makeovers

When one is diagnosed with cancer, a sense of humor and general lightheartedness–both of which are key to coping with the illness–are often the first to vanish. Aware of this, members of Belgian cancer charity, the Mimi Foundation, sought to inject a little of both back into the lives of cancer patients through comically bad makeovers. Transported away from their ailments if only for a moment, the women featured in this pictorial spread remind us of the restorative power of humor. You can see more makeovers at Laughing Squid.

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