What We Love This Week, Volume XLIX

Published January 24, 2014
Updated September 1, 2017

Javier Perez’s Playful Everyday Object Art

Have high culture taste but a low culture budget? Then get inspired from Javier Pérez’s Instagram account. The artist and illustrator re-envisions classic and sophisticated artwork and themes with playful, down-to-earth mediums. Plus, we think Magritte would love to see some of his works redone with apples, forks and pencils. Check it all out at This Is Colossal.

The Faces Of Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees Housing Unit

Source: Time

As the horrors in Syria drag on and the conflict reveals itself as a proxy war, over two million Syrians have fled their homes to neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Leaving behind ruin only to face an uncertain future, the situation that presents itself before Syrian refugees’ eyes is anything but hopeful. Thankfully, though, many of the aforementioned countries have gone out of their way to supply the refugees with adequate food, shelter and medical assistance as the war rages on. Time photographer James Nachtwey has an excellent photo series on their stories.

Syrian Refugees Reading Group

Source: Time

Syrian Refugees Baby

Source: Time

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