Lucinda Grange’s Stomach-Churning Daredevil Photography

Published February 20, 2014
Updated March 28, 2014

Ascending to the extreme heights and locales that most of us can only fathom seeing from a silver screen, 25-year-old photographer Lucinda Grange proves that you don’t need a big budget for big shots; you only need some imagination–and skill at evading security guards. From Scotland to Brazil, Grange has seen it all, and thankfully she’s willing to share her experiences with us more terrestrial types. Here are some of Grange’s most impressive shots to date.

Lucinda Grange Times Square
Lucinda Grange Wales
Lucinda Grange Manhattan
Lucinda Grange
Lucinda Grange’s Stomach-Churning Daredevil Photography
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