Bald Eagle Stuck In Ocean Saved By Lobstermen [VIDEO]

Published August 3, 2017
Updated December 5, 2017
Published August 3, 2017
Updated December 5, 2017

The bald eagle was probably trying to catch prey when its wings became too wet to fly.

Eagle Water Wings

Theresa Chipman / InstagramBald eagle using its wings to swim.

The bald eagle is a proud symbol of the United States, but it is also just another bird that gets itself in just as many predicaments as others.

A Maine lobsterman found a bald eagle in one such predicament last week, when he was out on the waters off Schoodic Island. The Bangor Daily News reports that that day lobsterman John Chipman and his stern-man Kevin Meaney spotted a bald eagle swimming in the ocean. While bald eagles in the wild are able to swim for small periods of time, the lobstermen realized that the bird was struggling to stay afloat. The majestic bird was on the surface of the water using its large wings to propel itself forward.

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When the bird gave up and started merely to float, Chipman and Meaney sprung into action, tying a bait box lid to a life ring for the bird to perch on. They then lifted the bird onto the boat.

My husband and his sternman rescued a one eyed eagle today.

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Meaney told the Daily News, “I kind of reached down, patted the top of his head and told him it would be alright.”

The wet eagle hung out on the boat while its wings dried and it regained its strength. After a few minutes, the eagle began to beat its wings, and flew off to nearby land.

Biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Brad Allen, said the bald eagle likely ended up in the water while trying to catch prey that was on or below the surface of the ocean. Most likely, during that process, the eagle’s wings became to wet and it was unable to fly.

After the ordeal, Chipman’s wife, Theresa, posted pictures of the rescue to Instagram.

She later investigated the island the bird flew off to, and found a family of bald eagles living there, possibly including the very one her husband rescued.

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