Man Dies Mid-Flight After Biting A Passenger

Published October 19, 2015
Published October 19, 2015
Plane Man Bites Man

A plane made an emergency landing in Cork after a man bit another man and had to be restrained. Image Source: Daily Mail

There’s a newspaper industry saying that goes, “‘Dog Bites Man’ isn’t news, but ‘Man Bites Dog’ is.” So what about when “man bites man?”

Aer Lingus Flight El 485 was en route to Dublin from Lisbon on Sunday night when a 24-year-old passenger “ran amok” and bit another passenger, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing and send the remaining passengers on their way to the Irish capital by bus, officials said.

After biting another passenger, reports claim that the biting man was restrained and later became unwell — to the point that he entered a state of unconsciousness and died on the flight, the Irish Mirror wrote.

The flight crew broadcasted the emergency message “Pan Pan” three times, alerting air traffic controllers of an in-flight situation. The pilot requested clearance to land the plane at the airport in Cork, around 160 miles from Dublin, and labeled the incident a mid-flight emergency.

A doctor on-board tried to help the hungry passenger, but to no avail. As they neared the Cork airport, the flight crew told air traffic control that the man didn’t have a pulse. He was pronounced dead on the scene when the plane landed at around 5:40 p.m.

The remaining 168 passengers and flight crew were escorted off of the plane, questioned by Irish police and had their luggage searched. A yet-to-be-identified substance was found in a Portuguese woman’s bag and she was detained under the Irish Republic’s Drug Trafficking Act for further questioning.

Three hours after the emergency landing in Cork, the passengers, minus the biting man, the man who was bitten and the woman suspected of drug trafficking, were released and continued on their way to Dublin.

Nickolaus Hines
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