Man Crushed To Death By Van While Trying To Steal Wheels

Published December 12, 2017

The man was underneath the car trying to remove its tires when he destabilized the vehicle.

Van Crushes Man

WDSU 6 NewsPhoto of the van the man was found under.

A man was found dead this morning, under a van that he was presumably trying to steal the wheels from.

This morning, officers from the Pittsburgh Police Department discovered the body of a dead man, crushed by a van he was under, reported WDSU 6 News.

The death occurred in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pa., during the early hours of Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Police were alerted to the death by a concerned member of the community who called the police around 8:50 a.m. Tuesday morning.

“According to the investigation, it is believed the male victim was attempting to steal the wheels from a van when the vehicle fell on top of him,” wrote the Pittsburgh Public Safety Department in a statement released to the press.

The man must have been underneath the car, trying to remove its tires, when he destabilized the vehicle, causing it to come crashing down on his body.

Police have still not been able to identify the dead man, and are currently investigating the matter.

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Gabe Paoletti
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