Pot Pizza Now Being Served At Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Published June 8, 2017
Published June 8, 2017

The Ermont Inc. dispensary has already sold hundreds of cannabis-infused pizzas in three weeks.

Marijuana Pizza

Ermont Inc.

Normally, you get high and then you eat a pizza. But one popular Massachusetts dispensary has decided that they can get two birds stoned at once.

Cannabis-infused pizza made its menu debut about three weeks ago at the Ermont Inc. medical marijuana clinic in Quincy, a suburb of Boston.

At $38 per six-inch pie, it’s quite a bit pricier than your average two-dollar-slice deal. But people are willing to splurge for the 125 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that’s mixed into the sauce.

They’ve already sold about 200 pizzas, according to CBS.

Ermont — where staff grow and process marijuana onsite before experimenting with different concoctions in the dispensary’s laboratory and kitchen — provides many different kinds of treats to patients who need help managing pain.

Ermont treats about 300 to 400 patients a day by selling traditional marijuana products as well as condiments like olive oil, honey, and peanut butter (their best sellers). The team, which has a wide range of experience in the restaurant industry, is currently working on a vegan mayonnaise.

Typically, THC edibles are sweets like brownies or cookies. But Seth Yaffe, Ermont’s director of operations, said that the company wanted to create something for customers hoping to avoid excess sugar. They also serve THC-infused macaroni and cheese.

“A lot of our patients really wanted to basically figure out a different way to medicate that didn’t always remind them that they were trying to do something to take care of themselves,” Yaffe said, explaining the company’s quest to create a wide range of marijuana meals.

“It really makes medicating seem like something that isn’t as scary.”

The products, which are only purchasable for people with a state-issued medical marijuana ID card, are labeled with precise dosages and packaged in childproof containers.

As for those who would like to get ahold of these pies for recreational use? That likely won’t be legal in Massachusetts until mid-2018.

In the meantime — only for states where recreational marijuana use is legal, of course — you can find a pot pizza recipe here.

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Annie Garau
Annie is a NYC-based writer.