Martin Shkreli Now Literally Asking People To Punch Him In The Face

Published September 28, 2016
Published September 28, 2016
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BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty ImagesMartin Shkreli leaves a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on February 4, 2016 in Washington, D.C.

After Martin Shkreli’s Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of an HIV/malaria drug by a whopping 5,500 percent last year, he quickly became “the most hated man in America.” Since then, Shkreli has faced charges of securities fraud, lost two jobs, and endured grilling from the House Oversight Committee.

Still, scores of people believe Shkreli has not yet received his true comeuppance. And those people now have a chance to literally punch him in the face.

On September 26, Shkreli announced on Twitter that he was auctioning off the chance to slap or punch him in the face — and allowing the winner to record the event.

However, eBay quickly removed the listing for that auction — but not before the bids, according to Shkreli, got up to $78,000. Not taking no for an answer, Shkreli then moved his publicity stunt over to a GiveForward crowdfunding page wherein each dollar contributed gives you one entry in this online raffle.

So far, within its first two days, that raffle has reached $6,580. However, many may have donated not simply to punch Shkreli in the face, but instead to contribute to the cause for which Shkreli is trying to raise money with his punch-me-in-the-face auction in the first place.

Shkreli is seeking to raise money for a trust fund for five-year-old Tyler Kulich, a leukemia survivor who lost his father, Mike, a friend of Shkreli’s, on September 24.

As worthy a cause as that may be, it’ll likely do little to elicit any sympathy for the reviled Shkreli — and won’t quell any desires to hit him. That said, Shkreli took to Twitter just this morning to complain that he’s “not seeing much donation relative to media exposure.”

Shkreli then added that, as an alternative to hitting him, the raffle winner could instead have dinner with him or even go on a date with him. Chances are, however, that those prizes won’t be the ones that contributors are after.

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