Three Of The World’s Most Massive Foods

Published January 28, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

Immaculate Baking’s Chocolate Chip Cookie

Baked in Flat Rock, North Carolina in 2003 by the Immaculate Baking Company, what would soon become the world’s largest cookie extended an impressive 102 feet across (almost the width of a football field) and weighed in at a staggering 40,000 pounds (the weight of nearly 160 NFL players). Completed over the course of nearly thirteen hours using heaters and a specially-designed canopy to hold in the heat, the cookie was carved up and sold in boxes for $10 a slice to commemorate the incredible event.

One Ton Bacon Cheeseburger

Containing over 2,000 pounds of meat, sixty pounds of bacon, fifty pounds of lettuce, fifty pounds of onions and forty pounds of cheese, this mammoth burger broke the record for world’s largest cheeseburger during a promotional event at a casino in Minnesota. The burger, which was later divided into chunks and served to gamblers and guests alike, required a crane to flip it.

World’s Largest Salad

World's Largest Salad width=

Source: Xinhuanet

Not all of the items that could easily be food for a Macy’s Day Parade balloon (were Snoopy real) are unhealthy, though. Just this past year, the people of Romania banded together to create the world’s largest salad. Weighing in at nineteen tons (approximately three male African elephants), the salad was served in a bowl over eighteen meters long and contained a variety of vegetables. After confirming the size of the salad, the meal was shared by tourists, the needy, and farmers who were able to take advantage of the leftovers for their livestock.

World's Largest Food Salad 2

Source: Demotix

Massive Food

Source: Demotix

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