Medical Animals As The Future Of Health Care

Published May 9, 2011
Updated September 21, 2018

Revital Cohen designed the Life Support project to show how animals could be transformed into alternative, low-cost medical assistant devices and a part of a more holistic health care strategy to include medical animals in treatment:

Greyhound Sheep Respiratory Device

Greyhound Sheep Medical Animals

Cohen outlines a plan to use greyhounds that are retired from racing as a ventilation aid for humans with respiratory problems. The dog would replace a mechanical ventilator by running at an object it is trained to chase using the pressure of its vacillating chest to pump air into the patient’s lungs – a non-invasive method of providing aid.

Revital Cohen Sheep Dialysis

Revital Cohen Sheep Dialysis Machine Picture

Interestingly, Cohen also prototyped a method for sheep to act as a natural dialysis machine for humans. To start, a lab will take the bone marrow tissue of the selected patient and the major histocompatibility complex, and plant the patients DNA bundle in a test tube sheep. For the rest of that animal’s life, it can serve safely as the blood-cleaner.

Medical Animals As The Future Of Health Care

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