Melania Trump Rejects Donald’s Hand-Hold Attempt. Again. [VIDEO]

Published May 23, 2017
Updated December 5, 2017
Published May 23, 2017
Updated December 5, 2017

Melania Trump has once again refused to hold hands with her husband while in front of a lot of cameras — and the Internet is delighted.

Melania Hand Holding

Tim Boxer/Getty Images

Oh, Melania.

The model turned housewife turned First Lady probably did not marry Donald Trump — ignoring all normal human physical desires — in the hopes of getting carted around the Middle East as her three-decades-older husband dances with swords and touches glowing globes.

But, there she is. And her body language suggests that she is not at all happy about it.

After delighting the Internet with an effortless (and apparently well-practiced) swat at her husband’s groping fingers on the Israeli tarmac — she once again left the president hanging in his second failed airport-hand-holding attempt.

This time, in Rome.

Apparently sensing the presence of tiny hands in her personal space, the First Lady expertly pulls her arm away, using the classic brushing-hair-out-of-the-eyes excuse.

After Donald gives up — opting for a nice lower-back pat instead — Melania realizes she has successfully avoided physical contact once again, and slowly, carefully lowers her hand back to her side.

So smooth! So artful! But not subtle enough.

Some have interpreted the First Lady’s reactions to her husband as a “low five” and accidental ill-timing. Others have noted that the Trump’s have held hands at other times on the trip.

But no matter what their take is, pretty much everyone is talking about it.

Is this hard-hitting news? No. Is this the most consequential thing happening in the world right now? Not even close. Does this give any insight into the First Couple’s marriage? Maybe.

Is this funny?

Yes. Yes it is.\

Next, read about how Trump was too “exhausted” to give a speech on the second day of this current trip.

Annie Garau
Annie is a NYC-based writer.
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