The 20 Most Decadent Costumes Of The Miss Universe Pageant

Published December 26, 2013
Updated September 28, 2018

More intricate than a snowflake in the Swiss Alps, these Miss Universe costumes are truly a study on all that is decadent.

Miss Universe Costumes Miss USA

Erin Brady – USA

You’d never guess it given its present day opulence, but the Miss Universe Pageant actually came from rather humble beginnings. Once a simple 1950s swimsuit contest in California, the larger than life Miss Universe event has evolved into a spectacular worldwide institution, most notable in its costume contest.

A clear nod to Optimus Prime in her costume choice, the Internet welcomed this year’s American contender, Erin Brady, with open arms. The very designers who create the many glitzy ensembles for the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show crafted Brady’s futuristic study on decadence. Of all the lively designs on display during the contest, the following Miss Universe costumes definitely take the word intricate to a whole new level:

Miss Universe Mexico

Karina Gonzalez – Mexico

Miss Universe Venezuela

Irene Sofia Esser Quintero – Venezuela (2012 Miss Universe 2nd Runner Up)

Miss Costa Rica

Nazareth Cascante – Costa Rica

Miss China

Miss Angola

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