Mother Arrested After Posting Video Of Baby Smoking Weed [VIDEO]

Published March 22, 2018

The mother was arrested after the video showed her one-year-old child smoking a cigarillo.

A North Carolina woman has been arrested after footage surfaced of her child smoking marijuana.

In the 10-second clip, 20-year-old Brianna Lofton, of Raleigh, can be seen holding a cigarillo up to the one-year-old child’s lips. After a moment, the child appears to inhale and then lets out a puff of smoke.

Lofton was arrested on Wednesday, said the Raliegh Police Department, and the child is safe. Lofton has been charged with marijuana possession, contributing to delinquency, and two counts of felony child abuse. Though it is not clear from the video what the child was smoking, the arrest warrant claims it was marijuana.

Police were first alerted to the video on Wednesday morning after multiple Facebook users reported it.

“Big thanks to everyone who posted information about the smoking mother and baby,” department officials told their Facebook followers in a post. “Thanks to your willingness to get involved, the child is now safe and the mother is in police custody.”

One Facebook user, in particular, was praised by police, after reposting the video which then got over 1 million views. Rasheed Martin said he didn’t know the mother or the child but first saw the clip when a friend shared it online. Martin then reposted the video in the hopes that one of his friends could help identify the woman.

“Once more and more people found out about this situation, they showed me a screenshot of her actual Facebook page,” Martin said in in an online interview. “Then I later added it to the post so everyone could know exactly who … did that to the poor little girl.”

“We appreciate the public’s help in this matter,” said Lieutenant Jason Hodge of the Raleigh Police Department. “We welcome and encourage any assistance the public is willing to give us at all times.”

After Lofton was arrested, the child was placed in the custody of the Wake County Child Protective Services.

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Katie Serena
Katie Serena is a New York City-based writer and a staff writer at All That's Interesting.