Nanny Chases Down Package Thief After Getaway Car Leaves Her Behind [VIDEO]

Published December 4, 2017
Updated December 5, 2017
Published December 4, 2017
Updated December 5, 2017

The nanny was caught on video chasing down the alleged thief after her getaway car drove off without her.

A family in Washington State has their nanny to thank for the safe return of their package, after she chased down the would-be thief.

The event was caught on camera by home security service RING. The video shows a car pulling up to the home, and a 29-year-old woman getting out. She can be seen walking up to the porch of the house, where she grabbed a package. She can then be seen running back to the car.

As she puts the package in the front seat of the getaway car, the car drives off and the thief falls. At that point, the nanny, a woman named Kate Anderson, who had been watching the homeowners one-year-old child, can be seen running out of the house, toward the thief. After a moment of chase, she apprehends the thief and drags her into the home.

Anderson then held the would-be thief for eight minutes until the police arrived. Authorities say that the woman was arrested on outstanding warrants, but has not yet been charged with anything.

The family who the nanny works for said they were grateful for their nanny’s quick action, and bought her dinner to show their gratitude. They added that they only installed their security cameras a few weeks ago, but never imagined they would catch such a thing on camera.

The Seattle Police Department issued a statement warning homeowners in the area that package thefts often occur, and advised them to track their packages, require signatures for anything of value, or send packages to a monitored area such as an office.

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Katie Serena
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