From Gangsters To Gentrification: 8 New York Mob Murder Scenes Then And Now

Published September 30, 2018
Updated December 19, 2018
Published September 30, 2018
Updated December 19, 2018

The Frankie Yale Murder

Murder Of Frankie Yale

Getty ImagesThe body of Frankie Yale lies on the ground just after he was killed on July 1, 1928.

Current Site Of Frankie Yale Murder

Harmon LeonFrankie Yale’s murder scene today.

On July 1, 1928, in the now-quiet Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park, gangster Frankie Yale was shot to death while trying to drive away from gunmen pursuing him in another car.

Yale, who was Al Capone’s boss during the latter’s Brooklyn days, had begun stealing from his former protege, now a powerful Chicago gangster in his own right. With that, Yale’s fate was sealed.

On the day of his death, Yale received a troubling phone call from someone who told him that his wife had gotten into a problem at their home. With no questions asked, Yale immediately raced home to help.

Once he was inside his Lincoln coupe, four armed men inside a Buick sedan began tailing him.

The hired gunmen chased Yale through South Brooklyn and when they finally caught up to him, they rained bullets down on his car. Yale’s Lincoln had armor plating but the windows were not bulletproof and the sea of bullets killed him, causing him to slam his car into the steps of some unlucky person’s home at 923 44th St.

His protégé-turned-rival, Capone, was the number one suspect behind the murder, but no charges were ever filed against him.

Yale’s funeral was an over-the-top celebration. Thousands of people gathered in the Brooklyn streets to watch his $15,000 silver casket drive by and it took 38 cars to carry all of his flowers.

Harmon Leon
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