North Korea Says Trump Pulling Out Of Paris Climate Deal Is The “Height Of Egotism”

Published June 7, 2017
Published June 7, 2017

North Korea — where people are jailed for mocking the president — said that Trump pulling out of the Paris deal was "the height of egotism."

North Korea Trump Climate Ego

Ed Jones/AFP/Getty ImagesNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un waves to the crowd during a military parade.

You know things are bad when Kim Jong-un — the dictator who insists on being called “Supreme Leader,” threatens war when people call him fat, and buys a 30-foot luxury yacht while famine ravages his country — calls you “silly” and “egotistical.”

And with Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris climate agreement — things are officially that bad.

North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement calling Trump’s choice a “short-sighted and silly decision.”

“Global warming is one of the gravest challenges humankind is facing today,” the statement continued, adding that Trump’s “America first” policies ignore the fact that protecting the Earth is in every country’s own best interest.

“This is the height of egotism and moral vacuum seeking only their own well-being at the cost of the entire planet,” said the statement from a country that once promised “stern” and “merciless” retaliation against a Seth Rogen movie.

Only two other nations are not a part of the Paris agreement — which was a voluntary commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Nicaragua thought the treaty didn’t go far enough in holding nations accountable and Syria is in the middle of a civil war.

However, North Korea — where citizens must choose one of 28 approved haircuts — is all in.

Officials there have “declared a war on deforestation” and are hoping to use climate change as a way to interact in a positive way with other countries (which they’ve rarely been able to do).

Though North Korean government statements called Donald Trump “wise” during the campaign, they are now saying that “whoever chooses to blindly follow the Trump administration overpowered by its bravado should be fully aware that the judgment of history shall take them all as one.”

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Annie Garau
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