Painted Typography That Will Blow Your Mind

Published June 28, 2014
Updated January 30, 2018
Published June 28, 2014
Updated January 30, 2018

It would be hard to explain Pawel Nolbert’s painted typography to a friend. The images flaunt characteristics of a painting—brushstrokes, paint drips and sometimes even the paint canisters themselves—and yet they the painted typography images from Nolbert’s Atypical series are mixed-media masterpieces unlike anything you have ever seen before.

As mentioned previously, the genius behind this colorfully intriguing painted typography is Pawel Nolbert, a multidisciplinary artist and designer with an affinity for seamlessly merging bold colors with clean designs. While Nolbert has worked on marketing and advertising campaigns for some of the biggest names in the business (we’re talking Adobe, Mercedes-Benz and Disney kind of big, here), his work has also been featured in a number of reputable magazines and other publications.

Pawel Nolbert Atypical Series

Source: Abduzeedo

Painted Typography Number 4

Source: Abduzeedo

Warsaw-based Nolbert created the Atypical posters using a combination of real paint (or as Nolbert says, “elaborate artistic painterly gestures”) and digital illustration techniques. The series explores the form and rhythm of letters, and presents these notions in a quasi-realistic, quasi-illustrative form that is colorful, bizarre and mesmerizing all at once.

Nolbert got his start creating custom operating system layouts and skins, but was introduced to Photoshop in 2001 and quickly began working on new, non-commercial projects. To get your own slice of Nolbert’s incredible painted typography, you can buy inexpensive prints on society6 starting at a mere $40, or can follow him on Instagram at @hellocolor. In the meantime, check out some of his non-Atypical work below:

Android Design Concept Andrew Nolbert

Android design, Source: Andrew Nolbert

Nike Concepts Pawel Nolbert

Nike, Source: Pawel Nolbert

Camouflowers Pawel Nolbert

Camouflowers, Source: Pawel Nolbert

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