The Mind-Bending GIFs Of Paolo Ceric

Published October 27, 2013
Updated January 30, 2018
Published October 27, 2013
Updated January 30, 2018

Paolo Ceric takes the commercial GIF and makes it his own via 4D software, programming and, of course, his own imagination.

Paolo Ceric GIFs

The world of GIFs is quickly moving from a cheap, viral thrill to a more thoughtful–even artistic–form of self-expression. Croatian designer Paolo Ceric uses 4D cinema software and photos to create elegant GIFs that boggle the mind. Here are a few of his best works that bend the limits of digital creativity:

Paolo Ceric Water

Ceric Artwork Lights

Paolo Ceric Balloon

Paolo Ceric Lines GIF

Ceric Strings

Paolo Ceric Artwork Ink

Ceric Pencil Water

Paolo Ceric Heart

Pulse GIF

Paolo Ceric Cogs

Paolo Ceric Artwork Diamond


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