Photo Of The Day: 5-Month-Old Baby Pulled From Nepal Earthquake Rubble

Published September 11, 2015
Baby Pulled From Nepal Earthquake

Image Source: CNN

Five-month-old Sonies Awal was among 8 million people who were affected by Nepal’s devastating earthquake in late April. Miraculously, the infant was rescued covered in dust with barely a scratch.

But there haven’t been many survivor stories and happy endings.

The earthquake has become the nation’s worst natural disaster, killing more than 8,000 people, and leaving thousands of others injured. As many work on piecing their lives back together, NGOs have swarmed into the country, bringing aid and supplies, supporting earthquake relief efforts.

For more on Nepal post-earthquake, check out our gallery here.

Gabrielle Kwarteng
A born and bred New Yorker, Gabrielle Kwarteng is the Social Media Manager for PBH Network. She loves to take street portraits with her Nikon FA and DJ for anyone who'll listen.
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