Dumb Robber Interviews For Job At Police Station Where He’s Wanted, Is Promptly Arrested

Published January 9, 2018
Published January 9, 2018

After spending a year evading arrest, the man was arrested after applying for a job at the very police department he had been running from.

Alberto Lopez Theft

Fox News 10Alberto Lopez, arrested for bank theft.

There are some things you expect to get out of a job interview. Arrested isn’t usually one of them. However, for Alberto Lopez, that was exactly what he got.

During an interview for a job with the Cottonwood Police Department, Lopez was arrested for felony theft, after officers at the department realized he was a man they had been searching for for over a year.

In 2016, Lopez robbed the Bank of America branch where he was employed, quietly stealing roughly $5,000 over the course of three months.

After his heist, he quit his job and moved two hours south of Cottonwood to Phoenix. Officials at the Bank of America in Cottonwood reported Lopez to the authorities in October of 2016, saying they suspected him of stealing the money. Officials attempted to contact him, to no avail, and eventually put out a warrant for his arrest,

Despite the warrant, and numerous attempts to contact him through phone calls and scheduled appointments, he refused to cooperate with police. Lopez managed to evade arrest for over a year.

Then, in December of 2017, police got an unusual break in the case. Lopez himself had applied for a job with the very police department he had spent a year evading. During a routine background check, which the department performs on all applicants, the arrest warrant popped up.

Last week, after probable cause had been determined, police invited him down to the station, where they had staged a faux interview. When Lopez arrived, expecting a job, the officers arrested him for felony theft instead.

Safe to say, Lopez is officially out of the running for a job with the department.

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