Kitschy Eggs: Pop Culture Russian Dolls

Published February 3, 2015
Updated February 27, 2018
Macabre Dolls

Adorable and macabre, these characters can scare up a good time. Source: Pinterest

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Karate Kid

The Karate Kid characters get the matryoshka treatment. Source: Jeremy Riad

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Kiss

This set is only one of many sets that depict classic rock bands. With popular guitarist Ace Frehley and the freakish Gene Simmons, this set of Kiss dolls can be globally recognized. Source: Jeremy Riad

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Roses

You know where you are? You’re in the Jungle, baby! Guns and Roses reunite, if only in doll form. Source: Jeremy Riad

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Golden Girls

With Betty White being the only Golden Girl left, these dolls thank you for being a friend. Source: Jeremy Riad

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Ghost Busters

We all know you’re gonna call the Ghostbusters when you see Slimer, but who’re you gonna call when you see these cute little dolls on the shelves? Source: Jeremy Riad

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Bowie

One of the more unique sets to be found, these celebrate some of the looks that David Bowie sported. Source: LA Weekly

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Designing Women

Because you’ve always wanted a Delta Burke doll! The late Meshach Taylor rounds out this group of Designing Women. Source: Jeremy Riad

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Beatles

The Beatles’ George, Paul, John, and Ringo come together again in the form of really well made matryoshka dolls. They just wanna hold your hand, but unfortunately they don’t have any hands… Source: American Profile

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Who

Many doctors from the Doctor Who universe gather within a TARDIS. It’s bigger on the inside! Source: Golden Cockerel

Pop Culture Russian Dolls Harry Potter

Last, but definitely not least, we take a look at some dolls from the wizardry world of Harry Potter. The beloved book series by J.K. Rowling has been sweeping through pop culture for years now. Source: Nerd Approved

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