Puppy Who Overdosed On Heroin Rescued, Greets New 7-Year-Old Owner With Kisses

Published March 9, 2017
Published March 9, 2017

After being separated from his previous owners, four-month-old Lucky has found a new home with seven-year-old Lacy.

A puppy named Lucky that accidentally ate a large amount of heroin and nearly died two weeks ago in Texas now has a new home.

Lucky’s owners had left him in the car while they went inside a Home Depot in Carrollton to reportedly change price tags on items, according to WFAA.

Lucky ate so much heroin while his previous owners were away that it nearly killed him. Authorities then arrested the owners and took Lucky to the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic, where veterinarians saved his life.

“[He’s] totally different than when I found him,” Carrollton Animal Control Officer Debbie Hutchins told WFFA. Carrollton Police Department Spokeswoman Jolene DeVito added that it’s “a great end to what could’ve been a terrible story.”

“Hundreds of phone calls and emails and contacts about Lucky” were sent to the animal hospital after the story received media attention, the clinic’s Senior Animal Care Specialist Joe Skenesky told WFAA.

It caused the clinic to put the question of Lucky’s adoption up for a lottery, which ended this past Wednesday.

This is where the story turns even sweeter. The winner of the lottery gave his ticket to a seven-year-old called Lacy, who reportedly fell in love with Lucky at first sight.

“That’s like a million dollars when you see your granddaughter’s face light up with delight,” John Lepsch, Lacy’s grandfather, told WFAA.

As for Lacy, she only had one thing to say: “I will play with him and love on him because he is the cutest sweetest little puppy.”

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