The 25 Best Recut Trailers Ever Made

Published May 31, 2014
Updated April 13, 2015
Published May 31, 2014
Updated April 13, 2015

The kind of slicing and dicing that goes into crafting an engaging movie trailer rivals that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Distilling 90 minutes (or more) into a digestible, two-minute sequence is no easy task, but it also presents editors with the opportunity to have a little fun. For example, what if Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining lost its macabre sense of doom and replaced it with the lightheartedness of a romantic comedy? Or, say, if video editors transformed The Sound of Music‘s singsongy Maria Von Trapp into a coldblooded killer? These are just two examples of editing’s transformative power. Check out all 25 of our favorite recut trailers below:

Recut Trailers: The Shining, Romantic Comedy

Mrs. Doubtfire, Horror

Breaking Bad, Romantic Comedy

Forrest Gump, Gang Drama

The Sound Of Music, Horror

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