Romain Laurent’s Bizarre And Bewitching GIFs

Published March 9, 2014
Updated January 24, 2018

Adding elements of aesthetic interest to the ever-popular GIF medium, Romain Laurent is a name with which you should be familiar.

GIFs have become the internet’s prime currency. Once you comb through the innumerable viral videos and run the flash mob circuit, you might just discover Romain Laurent’s bizarre GIFs tucked away behind the couch.

From surreal scenes of a woman slapping herself with an extra set of arms to a man with a book for a head, these GIFS embrace absurdity for absurdity’s sake. Born and raised in the French Alps, Laurent has always seen the world a little differently than most. He’s spent his life capturing the conceptual in photographic form, and it’s fair to say that the results are something rather remarkable, if not a little disturbing.

Laurent’s work doesn’t stop with the GIFS, either. Also found in his portfolio is ‘Tilt’; a peculiar photo series where people stroll sideways down sidewalks. Other odd works include a shoal of subway commuters spilling onto a platform, the portrait of an anthropomorphized poodle and a rather unlucky skydiver who’s swapped a parachute for a backpack.

Laurent’s dabbling into GIFs began as a personal project, where he challenged himself to produce one looping image of life each week. Now more than halfway through the project, he told design magazine Colossal that “there isn’t a common concept between each loop, I just ‘go with the flow’ and see what comes to my mind each week.” If you want to see even more of the absurd animations, you can follow the project on his Tumblr. (Link: