Spiraling Snow Drawings Captivate Colorado

Published December 5, 2014
Updated February 1, 2018

These days Hinrichsen’s snow drawings stretch across landscapes and require the help of many volunteers to create—sometimes up to 60! Her canvases are often frozen lakes or rivers, which present a relatively blank slate with few trees and lots of potential. Once Hinrichsen finishes the Snow Drawing, she has an airplane fly over the landscape to capture an aerial shot of the entire design. By accentuating the beauty of the natural environments she transforms, Hinrichsen hopes to inspire a deeper awe and admiration for art, nature and their relationship.

This aerial clip shows just how expansive Hinrichsen’s snow drawings are:

Snow Art in Colorado

Source: Art is a Way

Aerial View of Snow Art

Source: Daily Pics

Kiri Picone
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