White Sorority Girls Singing Kanye’s ‘Gold Digger’ Sparks Outrage [VIDEO]

Published September 21, 2017
Published September 21, 2017

The Alpha Phi sorority is currently being investigated by the school's Director of Media Relations.

An instagram video of members of the Alpha Phi sorority at the University of New Hampshire sparked outrage at the school after it was posted online.

In the video, the girls can be seen dancing and singing along to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger,” including the lyrics that contain the n-word. The video surfaced after the group All Eyes on UNH reposted it on Facebook.

“A member of Alpha Phi Sorority put up this video of girls singing along to Gold Digger by Kanye West on her Instagram story,” the post reads. “The girls sing the N-word without thinking of the implications.”

“This is a showcase of ignorance and that the Panhellenic Council should do better in combating racism,” it continues. “The first step is addressing willful ignorance.”

The post has received both positive and negative comments, with some believing that the girls could have avoided singing the lyric, while others are pointing out that the lyric is just part of the song.

“If you know the lyrics so well, then you should know when the word is coming up and literally shut your mouth,” said one commenter, Sofia Ford. “Not a word for us (white people) to use under any circumstances. It’s ignorant and insensitive.”

“These girls clearly were not intentionally trying to degrade people of color because of one word sung,” another commenter, Gabby Razz, argued. “They’re college girls having fun celebrating their new members of the sorority.”

Alpha Phi’s national headquarters and UNH’s Panhellenic Council have yet to comment on the situation, though the university’s Director of Media Relations, Erika Mantz, told NH1 that the incident was being looked into.

“No disciplinary action has yet been taken by the university. The incident is under review,” she said. “We believe strongly in the right to free speech as recognized by the First Amendment, and we also believe in the right of every member of our community to feel safe and respected. We continue to work to improve our campus culture through education, awareness, and action.”

UNH made headlines last school year after photos emerged of students in black face writing the N-word on a dorm bulletin board.

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