10 Writing Studios Which Prove That Place Does Inspire

Published December 9, 2014
Updated February 27, 2024

Beyond persistence and imagination, a writer needs a physical place of inspiration to succeed. Here are 10 writing studios that do just that.

Beautiful Writing Studios

The Ernest Hemingway house in Key West, Florida features his humble and peaceful writing studio. The safari motif, small bookshelves, and sparse furniture gave Hemingway his ideal writing space. Hemingway brought many of his greatest books to life in this very room. Source: Carmen’s Travel Tips

No matter his or her genre or style, the one necessity for every writer is an inspired place to imagine and plot a character’s next move. Whether a world famous author or an amateur who has just discovered the worlds one can create with a sequence of letters, the physical places in which a writer writes have a tendency to bleed into the storyline and influence outcomes.

Writing Studios Library

Source: ThesDip

Some authors prefer the quiet isolation of the wilderness, while others enjoy the calming, clean lines of a modern studio loft. Some benefit from background noise and music, as others would be more inclined to create in absolute silence. This unique office space seems an ideal location for all purveyors of the pen.


Source: ThesDip

Secluded Paradise

Source: Build

Tucked away in the trees, you can’t get much more peaceful than this quaint studio designed by The Hackney Shed (Hackney, UK). The front doorway swings open wide, allowing sounds and smells to pour into the studio and potentially stoke the flames of the creative process. The hut can be closed up when the weather isn’t quite as inviting – still giving the writer a glorious view of what lies beyond.

This writing room, located in the Elizabethan Tower at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, England, is where Vita Sackville-West (a close friend of Virginia Woolf) did most of her writing. This room resembles a rustic Hobbit-hole, and is surrounded by a romantic garden.

Modern View

Source: Home Dsgn

For your consideration: a studio in Bellport, New York – for the author who needs to decompress in luxury in order to focus. The view alone could inspire more than a few would-be writers to create their magnum opus.

Writing Studio In A Wooded Retreat

Source: NGN 88

The interior of this gorgeous studio is nearly as awe-inspiring as the view. The rich wood interior is warm and inviting with surrounding views of the forest. Who could want more?

This secluded conference location in Truchas Peaks Place, New Mexico is perfect for those who need an inspiring work space. With more books than anyone could ever need along with comfortable and posh furnishings, this is an example of how to take advantage of the perfect place without buying one.

Writing Studio In Paris

Source: Air BNB

Where could a would-be wordsmith go to find the proper atmosphere for creating new works of literature? This paradise studio in Paris is rented out by the week or even the month. One thing that holds true with all these locations – writers love to be surrounded by books.

Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

Source: Furniarch

This writing study is the work of Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio. The fascinating shelf-pod (as he calls it) has more nooks and crannies than any writer could ever put to use. A room like this would help the highly organized stay that way, and also allow the decidedly disorganized to maintain their need for the chaotic.

New York author N.E. David has a perfect personal writing retreat, which is the result of a joint effort between David and his son. David spends every morning in the cabana from mid-March until mid-October. He has few distractions to complicate his process, as the space has no internet access or telephone.

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