Video of the Day: Syrian Kurds Blow Up ISIS Truck à la “Mad Max”

Published April 28, 2016

If you thought “Mad Max”-esque moments can only occur with the help of CGI, think again.

On Monday, France24 uploaded a video showing a group of Syrian Kurds attempting to blow up an explosives-laden truck driven by an ISIS fighter. The Kurds succeeded, in an event so dramatic it begs the question: When does Tom Hardy appear?

Sadly, the sequence befits not Hollywood but a region embroiled in conflict. “A suicide bomber tried to attack us but my comrades managed to kill him,” a fighter says in the video.

The Kurds have a number of geopolitical interests in eliminating the threat of ISIS — such as gaining territorial control in the region and potentially statehood of their own — and have been one of the few groups in the region who have succeeded in driving them out of regions they otherwise control.

France24 said that US-led coalition forces supplied the Kurds with the anti-tank missile that led to the truck’s swift, sudden end, FOX News reported.

Next, check out what’s going on in the region with this brief video explainer, and these devastating photos of Syria in the throes of civil war.

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