Jury Recommends 137-Year Sentence For Tire Thief

Published July 19, 2017

When it comes to wheels, this jury isn't messing around.

Tire Thief Suspect

Jason L Brooks

Jason L. Brooks must have stolen a lot of tires.

For his thievery, a jury suggested that the 38-year-old Virginia resident receive a sentence of 137 years — 132 years in prison and 63 months in jail — and $6,000 in fines.

This came after the Loudoun County jury found him guilty of six counts of grand larceny, larceny with intent to sell, three counts of destruction of property and three counts of tampering with an automobile.

The county was hit by a wave of wheel-thefts last year, when more than 11 residents found their SUVs, pick-up trucks and minivans sitting on cinder blocks.

Police suspected that one person had committed the robberies, since they repeatedly found blue blanked fibers clinging to the blocks.

Brooks — whose history includes two other felony convictions for illegal firearm possession and assault — became a suspect when police found cinder blocks wrapped in a blue moving blanket, a floor jack and lug nut-removal tools after pulling him over in New Jersey.

They then inspected Brooks’ storage unit and apartment, where they uncovered bags of lug nuts, lug nut keys and business cards for “Jay’s Deals on Wheels.”

It appears Brooks’ wheel-steals were not restricted to one county, since he has identical charges against him in Fairfax County and Prince William County in Virginia, as well as charges in New Jersey.

Oddly, reports from the case don’t say whether or not police actually found any tires in Brooks’ possession. So it’s unclear how many rims and tires this jury felt necessitated what is basically a life sentence.

We’ll see if the judge agrees with their harsh punishment during Brooks’ final sentencing on October 18.

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Annie Garau
Annie is a NYC-based writer.
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