More Than Half Of Republicans Would Support Trump Postponing 2020 Election, Poll Shows

Published August 10, 2017
Published August 10, 2017

It also showed that 47% of the party believe Trump won the popular vote and 68% believe millions of illegal immigrants voted in 2016.

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This…. this is bad.

More than half the members of one of our country’s two major parties has decided they’d be cool with the American executive branch becoming an authoritarian regime.

According to a new The Washington Post poll of 1,325 Americans, 52% of Republicans would support a hypothetical Trump’s decision to postpone the 2020 election “until the country can make sure that only eligible American citizens can vote.”

That number rose to 56% if Congress were to get on board.

This makes sense, since 68% of Republicans apparently believe that millions of illegal immigrants voted in 2016.

They didn’t. There is no evidence anywhere to suggest that this happened.

Republicans also believe that Trump won the popular vote. A shocking 47% of Republicans believe this thing that is objectively untrue.

Hillary Clinton led Trump by 2.87 million votes.

The Post’s sample was weighted to match the general population in terms of sex, age, race and education.

The idea of postponing the election is, thank god, a totally hypothetical situation. If Trump were to propose such a drastic a violation of the principles of American democracy, the backlash would almost certainly be disastrous for his administration (and the country as a whole).

“Nevertheless, we do not believe that these findings can be dismissed out of hand,” the Post wrote. “At a minimum, they show that a substantial number of Republicans are amenable to violations of democratic norms that are more flagrant than what is typically proposed (or studied).”

Next, watch President Bush and Clinton throw shade at Trump in a joint interview. Then, watch Ivanka Trump say she “tries to stay out of politics.”

Annie Garau
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