You Must Watch These Top 6 Viral Videos From July

Published July 29, 2014
Updated January 11, 2018
Published July 29, 2014
Updated January 11, 2018
Viral Videos from July

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Everyone loves a good viral video–especially when the summer heat gets so unbearable that you practically have to stay inside to avoid becoming a puddle. To make sure that you never miss out on the funniest, most inspiring videos on the web, we’ve complied the top six viral videos from July. Watch them all, and then share your favorites with your friends!

DTAC’s Heartwarming Thai Commercial

Warning: DTAC’s new Thai commercial may prompt all the happy tears and warm fuzzies. We won’t spoil the story, but if you haven’t seen the “Technology will never replace love” advertisement, we highly recommend you take a second to watch it now. Just keep a box of Kleenex handy!

Official Fifty Shades of Gray Movie Trailer

There has been tons of hype surrounding the movie release of Fifty Shades of Grey since it was first announced that the steamy book would be making its way to the big screen. While fans weren’t too happy about initial casting decisions, they have still eagerly anticipated everything Fifty Shades-related. Once the trailer was released this past Thursday, it instantly became one of July’s top viral videos, as people everywhere clamored to catch the first glimpse at Mr. Grey.

Levi and Pigalina Become Best Friends

The most bizarre and unexpected friendships are often the most adorable. For instance, take this endearing relationship between a rescue dog, Levi, and a three-week-old piglet named Pigalina. Watch little Pigalina as she sniffs and snuggles up to Levi, who is just a pup himself.

This Guy Does The Best Girl Voice Impression… Ever

Actor and musician Matt Bittner has a rare talent: he can speak in a completely authentic (though slightly nauseating) girl voice. Surprisingly, Bittner had no idea that the video had been posted until it was all over the web. While impersonating a girl may not seem like the most useful skill, you’re sure to be impressed after watching this clip.

Michael’s Jackson’s “Billie Jean” Performed on Beer Bottles

When TIME writers described this quintet’s work as “the King of Pop like you’ve never heard him before,” they weren’t kidding. In one of the best viral videos from July, the five-person group called the Bottle Boys released a bottle-pop rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” Using a collection of beer bottles, they recreated one of history’s most memorable songs—plus, they looked pretty cool doing it. Check out the awesome video below:

A Bizarre, Waterbed-Like Lawn

Okay, while this video of a waterbed-like lawn hasn’t gone viral yet, we’re pretty sure it has the potential to be one of the best viral videos from July. After a period of heavy rainfall, a north Alabama yard flooded—under the grass! As you can see in the video below, water pooled beneath the lawn, creating a squishy, waterbed-like surface that people can walk, run or jump on. We guarantee it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen!

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