The Voynich Manuscript, The World’s Most Mysterious Book

Published September 14, 2013
Updated September 18, 2014
Voynich Manuscript Face In Ring

Source: NASA

Throughout the centuries, the Voynich manuscript has drawn as much interest as it has criticism. Responding to those who have cried hoax, Dr. Marcello Montemurro and Dr. Damian Zanette suggest that there are complex patterns, along with similar organization and structure that occur in other known languages. In short, they believe this is not just gibberish; someone -or a series of someones- knew what they were writing.

Alternatively, computer scientist Gordon Rugg proposes that the glyphs could have been composed using a simple grid, such as a Cardan grille, in some form of stenography. If ever there was a call for internet crowd-sourcing, this would be it. There are thousands of people across the world looking at, theorizing, discussing, and of course dispelling the legitimacy of this relic on a daily basis.

We may never gain insight into the true origins or author(s) of this fantastically fawned and fought over piece of history, but given that several of our best and brightest scientists have gone to their graves still turning over the bits and pieces of this cryptogram, If you’ve got deciphering on the brain, the Voynich manuscript can be found in the Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

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