Expert Designers Convert Former Nazi Lookout Into Beautiful Water Tower Home

Published August 9, 2014
Updated January 31, 2018

Just goes to show how powerful good design can be. We explore this brilliant water tower home that was once a Nazi tower.

Water Tower Home

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Looking at the seemingly spacious interior of this unique home located on a flat of land just outside Steenokkerzeel, Belgium, it’s difficult to imagine that in its former life, the cozy abode was a 75 year old water tower.

The guy behind the switch is Bham Design Studio’s own Mauro Brigham. What was once a Nazi watchtower has been completely renovated; concrete columns repaired, brick joints removed, and windows enlarged. It is now a picture perfect, high tech modern living space that boasts all the amenities of a typical house, featuring many of the best finishes money can buy.

Every room in this grand, column-shaped home is equipped with the latest in IT technology, with the ability to connect a projector in almost every room in the top level, the floor containing the living room and kitchen.

This is not purely for the benefit of the couple that lives here on a day-to-day basis, but to attract high profile businesses to rent this space for their conferences – the benefits, of course being the view, the wow-factor, and the proximity to the airport. Also in place is a domotics system, which controls various facets of the home, including the intensity and color of the lighting, as well as the temperature and the sound system.

Dining Room

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All the concrete in this building was painstakingly preserved to retain the structure’s strong identity, and the result is an amazing architectural feat that has beckoned fans of unlikely renovations and modern décor.

Starting at the ground floor, where the main entrance and two-car garage lies and then moving up to the first floor is the home’s technical room and primary storage area. On the second floor, visitors can find a guest room and an office.

Water Tower Home Chair

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The third floor is where things start to get interesting. The main bathroom has a 4.5 meter high shower, constructed to provide the best water flow, and is surrounded by tinted glass for privacy. No worries about anyone being lost in the dark while they’re in there; these circular rooms are bathed in light from almost every direction.


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The fourth floor features the modest main bedroom, accentuated by a dome ceiling and a revolving staircase that leads to the top floor, which is arguably the most extravagantly put together floor of the whole home.

Here we are. This fabulously modern living room, sculptural kitchen, and dining area take up a large portion of the top floor, and the metal bridge takes you up to the gorgeous panoramic terrace. The elevator block located here also has another smaller bathroom, a library, a cat house, and a coat room.

Water Tower Home Cat House

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Taking the aforementioned metal bridge up to the panoramic terrace, you will find a fabulous view of the handy little yard, raised wood flooring, and … a shower? It is a water tower, after all.

Water Tower Home Shower

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Water Tower Home Floorplan

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