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Published December 1, 2017
Published December 1, 2017

Julius Caesar's landing spot in Britain found, location of Romanov treasure discovered, original Adolf Hitler painting uncovered.

Archaeologists Just Discovered Where Julius Caesar Invaded Britain


BBC/University of LeicesterArchaeologists uncovered a defensive ditch, believed to guard a fort on the beach.

Though Julius Caesar’s invasion of Britain happened in 54B.C., the exact location of his arrival on the isle has remained a mystery — until now.

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester believe that they have found the exact location of the invasion.

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New Documents Could Reveal Location Of Missing Romanov Treasure


Wikimedia Commons
The Romanov family taken shortly before their downfall.

The tale of the Romanov treasure is almost as famous as the ill-fated Romanovs themselves.

The Romanov family, the last of the Russian royalty, were infamously executed after being imprisoned in their home by the revolutionaries. Since their untimely demises, their estimated $60 billion fortune, comprised of jewels and Russian state valuables, has been missing.

However, new documents have emerged that allude to at least five hiding places where the riches could be hidden.

Learn more in this report.

Awful Painting Bought For Less Than $1 Turns Out To Be A Hitler

Hitler Original

NIOC/Wikimedia CommonsAdolf Hitler and painting.

A new piece of art painted by Adolf Hitler has been discovered in the Netherlands.

Researchers at the Dutch Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) in the Netherlands revealed earlier this week that they had discovered and authenticated a painting by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, reported Express.

See the painting and discover the rest of the story here.

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