What We Love This Week: Humans And Alligators Living Together

Published November 6, 2015
Published November 6, 2015

What Syria looked like before Islamic extremism, America’s best road trips, the Civil War in color, when humans and alligators lived together in Los Angeles, wand National Geographic’s most stunning nature photography.

Child Standing Near Alligators

Image Source: Smithsonian

When Humans And Alligators Lived Together In Los Angeles

Once upon a time, humans and alligators co-existed right in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. Men, women, infants, and dogs all joined in. Toddlers sat unattended with dozens of young alligators surrounding them. Ladies lunched right in the water with alligators relaxing beside them. Of course, none of this would be possible without the bizarre, fearless efforts of “Alligator Joe” Campbell and Francis Earnest. Their farm featured trained alligators who peacefully co-existed with humans–and even performed them (by going down slides and the like). Visit the farm at Smithsonian.

People Eating Near Alligators

Image Source: Smithsonian

Woman Holding Alligator

Image Source: Smithsonian

The Civil War In Color

Civil War Colorized Lincoln

From left: head of the Union Intelligence Service Allan Pinkerton, President Abraham Lincoln, Major General John A. McClernand. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

However starkly beautiful it may be, black and white photography can’t help but render history lifeless. Turning people and their stories into artifacts and museum pieces, black and white photos conceal the blood, the life, running through their subjects. We just can’t connect with the dusty faces of, say, Civil War soldiers the same way we can with, say, Vietnam War soldiers. And so TIME commissioned photo editor Sanna Dullaway to bring some of the Civil War’s most important photographs to life in rich, vivid color. See more at Vintage Everyday.

Civil War In Color Lincoln

President Lincoln (left) and Gen. George B. McClellan. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Lincoln Civil War In Color

President Lincoln on the battlefield with Union troops. Image Source: Vintage Everyday

What Syria Looked Like In The 1960s, Before Islamic Extremism

Syria 1960s Fruit Carts

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

For the past four and a half years, if not longer, Syria has been synonymous with war and desolation, bombed-out buildings and blood-stained streets. But before civil war, ISIS, and Islamic extremism, Syria looked strikingly different from the images we see today. While there was indeed revolution, infighting, and frequent regime change, the Syria of the 1960s was also open to Westernization, republican government, and pan-Arab unity. Take a trip back in time at Vintage Everyday.

Syria 1960s Blue Sky

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

Syria 1960s Street

Image Source: Vintage Everyday

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