What We Love This Week, Volume CX

Published February 20, 2015
Carnival Oranges

Members of rival teams fight with oranges during an annual carnival battle in the northern Italian town of Ivrea. Source: The Atlantic

Carnival Kicks Off Around The World

Carnival Trinidad

Members of the Kaisokah Moko Jumbies perform with fire on the waterfront near San Fernando, Trinidad base Source: The Atlantic

As people continue to opine on Islam’s “inherent” fanaticism, millions around the world have kicked off Carnival–a time where people engage in ritualistic debauchery, playful acts of violence and general indecency in the name of the Lord or some odd iteration of Paganism. Not fanatic at all, right? From the loud streets of Rio de Janeiro to dimly-lit Venetian courtyards, The Atlantic has compiled some of the most vibrant photos of Carnival into one compelling photo essay. Check it out!

Carnival Tent

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago Source: The Atlantic

A Glimpse Inside A California Cannabis Collective

Cannabis Collective Owner

Lonnie Painter (right) runs Laguna Woods Medical Cannabis.
Source: The LA Times

The health benefits of marijuana–be it from helping control epileptic seizures to treating glaucoma and multiple sclerosis-related pain–are obvious. And yet, for primarily political reasons, only around half of US states have legalized marijuana for medical use. Medical marijuana is legal in California, and since then “cannabis collectives” have popped up so that patients and caregivers can collectively or cooperatively cultivate medical marijuana. One such collective is the Laguna Woods Medical Cannabis. Learn more about the lives of its members at The LA Times.

Cannabis Collective Drops

Pat McClintock, 85, of Laguna Woods takes drops of marijuana oil to help relieve chronic back pain. Source: The LA Times

Cannabis Collective Cancer

Kimberly Brassell’s ovarian cancer has spread all over her lower body. Here, she relaxes after smoking medical marijuana from a water pipe. Said Brassell, “I’m not prepared to die. I’ll fight with all my might. I’ll do anything except pharmaceuticals.” Source: The LA Times

These People Live Within 35 Miles Of The Arctic Circle

Arctic Life Car

Stock-car racer Jaakko Ollila, Finland. Source: Slate

As anyone living in the Northeast United States will tell you, this winter has been particularly painful. But to those featured in Cristian Barnett’s book, “Life on the Line”, these frigid wintry conditions aren’t so much an anomaly as they are average. The London-based photographer captured the daily lives of people living within 35 miles of the Arctic Circle, discovering the region’s surprising vibrancy. Barnett visited all eight countries whose territories help compose the Arctic Circle, highlighting the fact that what most consider to be “pristine” wilderness is very much touched by the human experience. Read more about Barnett’s experience and those he met at Slate.

Arctic Life Hot Tub

Brett, from Alaska, keeps his hot tub indoors. Source: Slate

Arctic Life Boy

Pius Putulik sports his traditional parka in Repulse Bay, Canada. Source: Slate