What We Love This Week, Volume XIII

Published May 10, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017
High Velocity 1

Source: Hi Fructose

Joel Rea’s High Velocity Paintings

High Velocity 2

Source: Hi Fructose

Blurring the hyper-realistic with the out-of-this-world, Australian painter Joel Rea stuns viewers around the globe with his movement-obsessed work. By portraying human subjects before scenes of staggering natural might, Rea hopes to challenge the viewer’s perspective on human importance. For more mind-boggling portraits, Hi Fructose has an impressive gallery for your viewing pleasure.

High Velocity 1

Source: Hi Fructose

Amelia’s Amazing And Animal-Filled World

In New Jersey photographer Robin Schwartz’s eyes, people are more to fear than animals. That at least partially explains the photo collection Schwartz has accumulated over ten years featuring her daughter, Amelia. Appropriately dubbed “Amelia’s World” and “Animal Affinity,” the two collections portray the demure Amelia–ignorant to the concept of fearing nature–with animals ranging from tamarins to leopards. To read more about the mother-daughter duo, head over to My Modern Met.

David Foster Wallace’s “This Is Water”

Despite being delivered at a 2005 Kenyon College commencement ceremony, prolific writer David Foster Wallace’s speech only gained popularity posthumously. Delving into the true importance and meaning of education without coming across as overly didactic, the guys at The Gallery have sliced and diced the speech to accompany an equally profound video guaranteed to change your perspective on how to handle the day-to-day minutiae that bogs you down.

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