What We Love This Week, Volume XIV

Published May 17, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

Hypnotic Views Of The Sagrada Familia

In constant construction for over 100 years, many consider the Sagrada Familia–architectural visionary Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished gem–a living organism. Every day, thousands of visitors come to bear witness to the intricate innards of the cathedral and leave with more questions than they do answers. If you haven’t the time or money to visit this Barcelona beaut, photographer Clement Celma has got you covered. Check out Twisted Sifter’s impressive gallery for even more spellbinding sights.

Pierre Carreau’s Crystal Waves

In his incredible series AquaViva, French photographer Pierre Carreau forces the viewer to question the form of the serene waters he captures: liquid or crystal? Either way, though, the Caribbean waters seen above and below are evocative of ne

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