What We Love This Week, Volume XXIV

Published August 1, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017

Judy Gelles’ Amazing Fourth Grader Word Portraits

When Philadelphia-based photographer Judy Gelles interviewed fourth-graders from around the world, she asked them three simple questions: with whom they lived, what they wished for, and what they worried about. As you might have imagined, these nine year olds are filled with some heady doubts and high hopes, and their stories are as sweet as they are sad. A conclusion, if any, to be drawn? There are two. The first is that be a child from Israel or India, their dreams and desires aren’t all that different. The second is that if we are to have any hope for forging a better future, we need to listen to and invest in the world’s children. To see what other kids in the series have to say for themselves, head over to Faith Is Torment.

Iceland’s Stunning Turquoise Icebergs

Turquoise Icebergs 2

Source: Design Taxi

What do you get when you combine bejeweled iceberg bits with a black-sanded beach? A photographer’s dream, and one that–like so many others–can only be found in Iceland. If you can’t handle the cold, don’t worry; many brazen photogs have already made the chilly trek to Jökulsárlón’s glacial lagoon to capture the ghostly trails of water weaving their way through the turquoise icebergs and obsidian terrains. The result is an image as subject-sparse as it is color-rich, and one you shouldn’t miss. Check out Design Taxi’s gallery for more.

Turquoise Icebergs 1

Source: Design Taxi

Turquoise Icebergs 3

Source: Design Taxi

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