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Published November 27, 2015
Updated November 25, 2015
Published November 27, 2015
Updated November 25, 2015

Gustav Klimt’s Singular Paintings Brought To Life In Stunningly Vivid Detail

Klimt Beethoven Frieze Recreation

Beethoven Frieze. Image Source: designboom

The rich symbolist works of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt are replete with both gorgeously intricate patterns and hauntingly contorted bodies you’d never find in real life. In short, these are not the kinds of paintings one could easily recreate in the real world with models and costumes. Yet that’s precisely what photographer Inge Prader did for this year’s annual Life Ball, an AIDS charity event, in Vienna. Watch as Klimt’s paintings become three-dimensional and Prader’s models seem to become two-dimensional at designboom.

Klimt Death And Life Recreation

Death and Life. Image Source: designboom

Klimt Recreation Beethoven Frieze

Beethoven Frieze detail. Image Source: designboom

Absurd And Terrifying Black Friday Facts You Probably Don’t Know

You probably know how incredibly early your local mall is opening its doors. You’ll probably hear how long the lines were. And you’ll likely even see a story on the news about two people who got into some silly fight. But Black Friday gets much crazier–and much darker–than that. From the number of hours people will stand in lines to the amount of money we spend on just one day to the amount of people that have been killed in the mayhem, check out these facts and photos.

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