Video Of The Day: How “Game Of Thrones” White Walkers Are Made

Published April 24, 2016
Updated April 23, 2016

We know that Game of Thrones‘ White Walkers have their sights set on destruction, but just how are they themselves created?

New York Magazine recently explored this question, and found — as you might expect — that the process is as laborious as it is complex.

It takes a team of around a dozen people to make the hit HBO show’s much-reviled characters, with each requiring the costume and makeup team to devote about a month to each White Walker.

The teams finally utilize clay molds to transform the icy humanoids’ characters, with these molds taking around three hours to apply to the actors’ bodies. It’s worth it, though: the blue-eyed demons are hella scary.

Next, see who science thinks is Game of Thronesmain character.

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