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Published December 14, 2015
Published December 14, 2015

Leaders Meet To Prevent The Next Syria

John Kerry Libya Handshake

US Secretary of State John Kerry, left, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, center, and UN special envoy for Libya Martin Kobler shake hands after their press conference, following an international conference on Libya at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome, Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015. Image Source: Reuters

Yesterday, operating in the shadow of a much more publicized meeting of nations in Paris, diplomats from 17 countries around the world met in Rome to discuss a matter of the utmost importance, a matter that could ultimately decide the fate of thousands of lives.

A perennial hotbed of unrest, Libya’s rival factions have left their country without a strong, unified government. And the leaders of those 17 nations who met in Rome feared that that was exactly the kind of place ISIS would seek to move into next.

“We refuse to stand by and watch a vacuum filled by terrorists,” Secretary of State John Kerry said at a news conference after the meeting in Rome. “The leaders who are here, we are convinced, speak for most Libyans. Those leaders have endorsed what is the only legitimate basis for moving ahead.”

While some Libyan tribal and regional leaders refused to attend, the meeting seems to suggest a path toward stability for Libya and a preemptive strike against ISIS for the world at large.

Read more at The New York Times.

5 Events To Know About This Week


British suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst gives a speech. Image Source: Wikipedia

  • December 14, 1918: British women vote for the first time in a general election.
  • Leaning Tower Of Pisa

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

  • December 15, 2001: The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens after an 11-year, $27 million-dollar project to fortify without eliminating its distinctive lean.
  • Boston Tea Party

    A depiction of the Boston Tea Party. Image Source: Wikipedia

  • December 16, 1773: Boston Tea Party occurs.
  • Great Fire Of New York

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commoons/a>

  • December 16, 1835: The “Great Fire of New York” destroys 17 blocks, 674 buildings, and $20 million dollars worth of property.
  • December 19, 1959: Walter Williams, the last known Civil War veteran, dies at 117.
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