The Seven Tallest Summits In The World

Published May 28, 2011
Updated February 12, 2018

A fascinating history and photographic tour of the seven tallest summits in the world.

The Seven Summits, or the mountain ranges with the highest peaks on each of the seven continents, is a challenge to all those who consider themselves mountaineers.

The Seven Tallest Summits In The World

The Tallest Summits In The World: Mount Everest, Asia, 29,029 feet

Mount Everest Picture

Also called Mount Chomolungma, Mount Everest is located in Nepal and is the highest elevation in the world. From standard climbing routes that pass through the “death zone” – altitudes higher than 26,246 feet – corpses can be seen in their unaltered positions.

The Tallest Summits In The World: Aconcagua, South America, 22,841 feet

Tallest Summits In The World Mount Aconcagua Photograph

This mountain, located in the Andes mountain range, is located in Argentina with its summit 15 kilometers from the border with Chile. Aconcagua was famously used in a Disney cartoon, in which it was made to be a terrorizing character.

Mount McKinley, North America, 20,327 feet

Mount McKinley Reflection Photograph

This Alaskan Mountain, also referred to as Denali, is known for its extreme temperatures – which have been recorded as being as low as -75.5 °F (-59.7 °C) with a windchill of -118.1 °F (-83.4 °C).

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