Meet 4-Year-Old Mayhem, The World’s Cutest Fashion Designer

Published February 27, 2014

Meet “Mayhem,” the world’s cutest four-year-old fashion designer in training. Along with mom Angie (who gave her the incredible nickname Mayhem), this kiddo has been creating paper dresses, outfits and out-of-this-world costumes for the past nine months. Angie has documented the entire fashion progression on their Instagram account and under the hashtag #fashionbymayhem.

4-Year-Old Mayhem's First Design

Mayhem’s very first paper dress. Source: Instagram

FashionbyMayhem as Jennifer Lawrence

Source: BuzzFeed

Abstract Fashion by Mayhem

Source: Elle

Using an assortment of construction paper, gift-wrap, scarves and tissues paper, Mayhem and her mom recreate a variety of looks from Disney characters to Hollywood’s best dressed celebrities to reality-show outfits—plus plenty of their own designs. Angie says that Mayhem is an active part of the entire creation process, from inspiration to construction to modeling the incredible outfits with pizzazz.

4-Year-Old Mayhem Fashion Designer

Source: BuzzFeed

4-Year-Old Mayhem's Personality Shines

Source: Mommy Shorts

4-Year-Old Mayhem

Source: Design Taxi

After snipping, taping, folding and gluing the various materials, 4-year-old Mayhem gives the camera her best pose, which always seems to perfectly match the paper dress she’s wearing. By now, Mayhem has created so many designs that she knows the exact amount of construction paper it takes to make a top and a bottom for her outfit. While many of the dress ideas come from awards shows, movies and books, 4-year-old Mayhem gets some ideas from her day-to-day life, such as the shark outfit, which her and Angie created after visiting the aquarium.

4-Year-Old Mayhem Hard at Work

Source: Instagram

Mayhem as a Shark

Source: Design Taxi

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