Donald Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize: How, Why, And Whether He Can Actually Win

Published February 4, 2016
Updated January 23, 2018
Donald Trump Nobel Peace Prize

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday, news broke that Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to the rules and processes of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (the group that selects the Peace Prize nominees), the name of the person who nominated Trump need not be revealed. And Kristian Berg Harpviken, director of the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (a independent research institute that has access to the nominees but no formal ties to the committee), has been very clear that he will not reveal the nominator’s name.

The reasons for Trump’s nomination need not be revealed either. However, here’s what the Peace Research Institute of Oslo’s nominees list has to say about Trump:

Donald J. Trump, businessman and candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential primaries this year, is nominated for ‘his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China’ (confirmed by US nominator).

What you’ll also notice about that master nominees list is that Trump has not made Harpviken’s shortlist (which includes Edward Snowden, as well as Ernest Moniz and Ali Akbar Salehi, for their role in the Iran nuclear deal). This is but one clue that Trump’s nomination, while shocking to many, doesn’t actually mean all that much.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee casts a surprisingly wide net with their nominators, which often results in a wide, dubious field of nominees. Putin, Stalin, and Mussolini, for example, have all been nominated for the prize. While we can debate about whether or not Trump belongs in the company of those men, we can all be sure, despite the media storm surrounding his nomination, that, come October, Trump will not actually be accepting the prize.

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