Mexico’s Mesmerizing Crystal Caves

Published August 19, 2013
Updated November 26, 2013

Situated in Chihuahua, Mexico nearly 1,000 feet below ground in the Niaca mine, Mexico’s Crystal Caves (known locally as La Cueva de los Cristales) contain some of the world’s most incredible crystals to date. The cave, which miners only discovered 13 years ago, sits above magma residing about a mile from the earth’s surface.

The cave’s crystals are several feet thick and can weigh up to 55 tons, with some of the cave’s longest-residing crystals are estimated to be 600,000 years old. While crystals are an easy find in the region surrounding the Niaca mine, this cave’s specific climate has much to do with the multi-ton size of the icy-colored gems located there. Its harsh conditions also prohibit unsupervised visits, so the scientists and tourists who do make the trip are required to wear ice-pack-embedded vests under their caving suits.

Crystal Caves 2

Source: Kootation

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