Thirty Gorgeous Landscape And Nature Cinemagraphs

Published August 21, 2013
Updated September 12, 2018

Love the outdoors but not the whole dirt part? Indulge in your inner naturalist with these beautiful nature cinemagraphs and spare yourself the bug bites.

Nature Cinemagraphs

Nature stills rarely do the captured subject justice; after all, it is unnatural to freeze the essence of a living, breathing scene and edit it until your heart’s content. That’s why convening them–a lovely still frame and the subject’s movement–often results in something much more powerful than a photo. So for those of us who appreciate nature more from afar, Head Like An Orange has a trove of gorgeous landscape and nature cinemagraphs:

Ocean Cinemagraph

River Cinemagraph

Landscape And Nature GIFs

Jellyfish Cinemagraph GIF

Rain Cinemagraph GIF

Sunset GIF

Slow Motion GIF

Storm Cinemagraph

Penguin Nature Cinemagraphs

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